Existence is not the way we are, but as we are.

“We are what we believe. In our feelings, everything that we are comes into being. We make the universe with our feelings. ~ Buddha

We all have different opinions on life. Any of us see good implications of everything that exists. Although others continue to blame it on life being complicated. Although some see dry leaves and waste littered along the way, why do some see elegance in the garden? Why do some of them change their situations and some change themselves according to the circumstances?

The outer world is simply essentially a representation of our inner world. How you believe is how the universe is viewed by you. We do not see it the way it is, nor the way we are.

“Life isn’t the way it is, but the way we are” ~ VisionShine.com

Nothing in the outside universe will shake you if you are healthy internally. When you are satisfied emotionally, you cannot be influenced by incidents beyond. However, you will strive for permanent satisfaction if your happiness relies entirely on external environments and individuals.

Effect of Circumstances and Situations:

Some individuals play the game of their lives according to their own rules, while some merely react to the environment. Remember: You have the right to override them, no matter how complicated the conditions are. Without your power, your conditions are helpless.

Your current circumstances do not decide where you will go; they only determine where you can start.” ~ Nido Qubein”

Why do we often become slaves to circumstances? When things get out of sight, we feel like suspects. God gives you an issue according to the talent you know. When a challenge arises in life next time, consider yourself more strong than the problem. “I am bigger than anything that can happen to me,” as Charles F. Lummis said.

To keep us strong, challenges in life exist. You can compete with any obstacle until you know this art of living. You become a new person once you go through difficulties. Learn to learn from adversity and let go of it.

Wisely Choosing Thoughts:

Everyone in the world has a different character. What makes a person’s attitude the way it is? Circumstances? Conditions? Oh, no. You must have encountered others in the same circumstances with distinct attitudes. What separates one from another is their way of thought and how they think produces a particular way of life.

Are you mindful of the force of ideas? In personality, emotions make all the difference. They can be ruinous and positive. We react or respond to circumstances in life on the basis of these thoughts. And our lives turn up or down depending on the characteristics of proposals.

“The result of our dominant thoughts is always expressed in our lives.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

The good news is, we can choose our ideas and, thus, the nature of our lives.

You can’t really forcefully manipulate your thoughts. Like a kid, handle it. Do so in your eyes, when you work with a child with empathy and kindness. In a great way, meditation will help.

For Life, The Beliefs:

Beliefs have arisen over the years after we were born. Tony Robbins says in “Awaken the giant within” that if we develop a conviction, we process and of the data based on those beliefs. We seldom pose questions about our convictions. For us, what we hear is more important than what we see.

You will keep underestimating yourself if you have self-limiting convictions. The only thing that can reverse the trend is to challenge your self-limiting convictions. Existence is influenced by our convictions. However, if you feel that anything can’t be done, you won’t be able to do it.

Many of the choices we unintentionally make are based on these values. Therefore, you can take constructive steps if you have a firm conviction that you should do something. If you fear that you should not do it, by making excuses, you can appear to postpone it.

Beliefs have the authority to build and the authority to kill.

Human beings have the incredible capacity to draw in any life experience and create a sense that disempowers them or one that will save their lives literally.

Our views are simply founded on our own and other peoples’ sources and perceptions. To help or contradict our convictions, we will find sources. Focusing on examples or memories is important in order to reinforce the illusion that you can do it.

“May all the days of your life be lived by you.” ~ Jonathan Swift.

Creating a life that you want:
Most of us just waste our lives preparing for vacations and weekends. Why don’t we catch them every day? Why don’t we work on a regular basis?

Will you have a feeling of all-day happiness and joy? Do you have a life you want to live? If not, it’s time to get your life under control.

You are born to live your way through life. Your ideas build your life. It is time for your thoughts to be nourished. It is time for you to conquer the beliefs that restrict you. Don’t wait any longer. Take a step forward. Now, do it. You dream your life awaits you.

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