The 16 most inspirational, empowering, life-changing posts EVER!

All right, I admit it. I’m a sucker for posts of creativity.

With all the chaos on the Internet, seeking uplifting, optimistic stories that make you want to be a better person is often challenging. Yet there they are. You’ve just got to look.

So here’s my list of the most inspirational posts ever in an effort to bring out something good. I hope this is where you find some inspiration. And please, post in the comment section your own most inspirational posts.

The job recommendation I’d like to get at 25 –

This post is an insight treasure trove. You’re going to laugh, you’re going to sob, you’re going to wish you knew that when you were 25.

10 Simple truths that are going to change your life

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What I need to do with my life

This article influenced me in profound respects, and I go back and re-read this article anytime I feel confused. “It comes down to a simple gut check: You either love what you do or you don’t. Period.”It comes down to a straightforward gut check: either you love what you do or you don’t. Period.

13 Things you need to give up if you want to excel

One of the most important insights is giving up on saying yes to stuff in life that do not help your goals.

The 27 Rules To Win The Gym

This is an article I love because it’s both genuine and funny. “Nope, that’s not a “recovery energy bar of antioxidant dark chocolate.” That’s a chocolate bar.” the money quote. -I’m still laughing about that.

5 Decisions You will Regret Forever

 I love the advice that choices should not be taken depending on what other people say. Sure, take advice from trustworthy friends and experts, but whether a decision is successful or not, your gut will tell you.

The Society, Don’t F*ck Up

 In order to make businesses better, I am a strong believer in culture. It’s also what sets decent firms apart from great ones. It’s your job to make your culture perfect.

My Performance Metric? Cheerfulness

Richard Branson has always been an admirable figure, mainly because love and pleasure put such a high premium on him. “In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.” I love this.

This is what I would do better if I could start again,

I enjoy the concept of celebrating the achievements of other people more frequently. In the rush of daily life, the small (or big) things people do are always forgotten to rejoice.

Life Abundance vs. Quality Of Life

In fact, this article was written by one of my dearest friends, for whom I have every love in the world. In your life, the essay is all about finding sense, and not just buying into the rat-race.

Ten things that good people do differently (who are genuinely happy)

“They make their health a priority.There are an absurd number of links between your health, happiness, and success.” is one of the strongest observations here. – Well said.

The value of Nothing Scheduling

Instead of only being bogged down by day-to-day logistical stuff, I am a huge fan of “making time” to dream about strategic and epic projects. You can be sure someone else would, if you do not prioritise your life.

The New Stupid Is Busy

I guess the title speaks for itself more or less, and something for which I believe wholeheartedly… Even if I don’t always keep that true. Busy is the new fool.

Culture Crushers of High Performing Jerks

In your business, don’t tolerate jerks. Speak up, or do it with something.

Passion, fun, priorities: how I escaped Burnout Work-Life Balance

To me, work-life harmony is the holy grail of life. It is impossible to do, and much harder to hang on to. Here are few fantastic observations.

What’s lost is what’s missing in government.

To be a stronger leader and a better human being, I love the idea of introspection, self-love, and self-healing. “Our shortcomings as leaders are usually the unfinished business within our souls.”

The Bonus:

Here’s a brilliant post on letting go by Mark Manson, called “Why The Best Thing In Life Are All Backwards”

These are just some of the posts I find to be inspiring, interesting, and moving. What are the favourite ones for you?

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