7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Hard When You’re Really Not in the Mood

Motivation is somewhat vague, isn’t it? Some days, you feel it, on some other days, no matter how hard you try, you can’t grab a measly corner of it. You look at the computer screen, ready to type, build, grow, and you just find yourself running through the motions instead, hardly thinking about the work you’re producing. You’re completely uninspired, needless to say, because you don’t know how to do it.

There have been Quora members, and they have true and realistic ways to dig up the missing inspiration and get a job not only done, but accomplished with a feeling of enthusiasm. Read on for seven tips and tricks that, in no time, will inspire you.

1.Don’t think about it as tough work,

For me, there is only one means of inspiring myself to work hard: I don’t think of it as hard work. As part of turning myself into who I want to be, I wonder about it. I try not to worry too much about how complicated or stressful or impossible it could be until I have made the decision to do something; I just think about how amazing it would feel to be something, or how happy I might be to have done that. Compose hard look easy

Marie Stein

Think about it: if the project you’re facing is not treated as drudgery, but rather as a piece of the puzzle that moves you in your career path, then it would be easier to get the energy needed to do it.

2.Establish targets of small, bite-sized

There’s an explanation why donut holes are so endearing. They’re quick to eat. You’ve eaten a dozen of them before you know it. This is how priorities are to be, too. You should, of course, have a very high, audacious target. But make sure you split the goal down into consumable, bite-sized targets. You will feel like you are making strides on your journey this way and you will also feel a sense of success when you Complete the smaller targets. A sense of success and satisfaction is a lovely mix.

Nelson Wang

You’ve heard this suggestion no doubt before, but did you extend it to motivation? It is difficult to finish a big project when you don’t know where to begin. When you don’t even know where you’re starting, how can you finish? But instead of relying on a huge, frightening target, take one thing at a time and split the big goal into suggestions that you can absorb one at a time.

3. Read Daily

Be sure you take out time to read in your day. (Before anyone is up, I recommend the early mornings.) Read for at least one hour a day. Start with 20 minutes [a day] and do it for one month if that is too long (habit). Build a conviction that the best way to excel is to learn.It will make reading a breeze, and (if you’re motivated by success) incredibly fun/rewarding. The world’s most influential individuals attribute their success to reading a number of books (Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk).

Curtis Blackmore

Although setting aside reading time can sound counter-productive when what you are actually looking for is encouragement to work hard, often it is important to do something seemingly unrelated to tackle the task at hand. One factor that’s going to have a long-lasting effect on your cognitive processes is forming a daily reading routine, eventually encouraging you in all aspects of your life.

4. Avoid thinking over things that do not matter.

It costs [us] a lot of emotional resources to do stuff that don’t mean anything. Look at your extensive to-do list, find things you know you don’t care for, and get rid of as many of these items as you can. If you are working on tasks that are intrinsically important or are part of a broader project, you will be more regularly inspired.

Nick Miller

Look through the list very carefully and closely, and shave off everything you need to do that is both genuinely demotivating and needless. It’s not really best to complete what you began if you can’t even remember the reason you started things in the first place, down the road.

5. Set Time to Stop

Entrepreneurs prefer to depart from the traditional workday of 8 to 5, and it is more than easy to provide a 24-hour workday via global connectivity through emails and Skype. But understanding when enough is enough is crucial. Place for yourself a practical quitting time, and stick to it most days of the week. After 8 PM, stop answering emails, or taking off on Sundays. When you give yourself some down time, you’ll feel more refreshed and more creative.

Matt Holmes

Boost your hand if it motivates you 24/7! I didn’t think that I might have noticed any hands. To feel energised all the time, to continue to plough through projects all the time, is impractical. You need to give yourself a break, and if that means giving yourself a given fixed time to unplug or turn away from your job’s demands, then do it. In the hours you do, it is going to make you work harder and smarter.

6. Just Do It

From my own experience, the most powerful trick for me to get inspired to keep doing something is simply doing it (sounds trite, but it works). As soon as you find you ought to do something, hop in and do it immediately (of course, provided the conditions are feasible). You have to think about nothing else, to erase all other emotions, to keep your mind blank, to behave like a robot. Yeah, it sounds strange, but it works! Otherwise, you can discuss whether you can do it now or whether there have been so many challenges doing it, or whether there are other things to do with this tedious job that are more pleasurable and thrilling.

Bob Win

Now here’s some worthwhile advice: what if you just went ahead and started doing the job you know you ought to do, instead of sitting around, willing to feel motivated? Dive into the project and believe that what you need will be the priority.

7. Celebrate Wins

Start to remember all the good you are doing. Don’t underestimate the little items. How many times, I mean, are you scolding yourself for doing something minor that wasn’t perfect? How much do you find that being on schedule or signing a new customer is actually how good things are supposed to be? They must rejoice. In your life, you need more wins. This will inspire, promote, and assist you.

Kai Ashley

You forget how crucial all the little wine is if you’re constantly looking for a long-term payout. And keeping inspired and on top of things can be difficult if there’s no payoff in sight. Treat yourself with small items and do not underestimate how satisfying it can feel to accept small advances.


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